iBeacon Navigation API: Requirements

To run successfully, this code requires the following:

Kiosk Pro Enterprise, version 8.5 or later

While the JavaScript included in this code sample is compatible with earlier versions of Kiosk Pro, those versions require a different 'kiosk_functions.js' file to access this functionality.

For live projects, we highly recommend hosting the 'kiosk_functions.js' file with your own files, whether they are placed on a server or stored locally on the iPad, and checking the app's change logs before updating. The 'kiosk_functions.js' file referenced in the sample may be updated or moved without warning - if you are referencing this file directly, this would prevent your kiosks from working correctly.

To run the demo on earlier versions of the app, generate the 'kiosk_functions.js' for that version from the settings menu under 'JavaScript API > Generate API Functions File'. Transfer the file from the device using iTunes so you can place it where you need it, then change the reference in the sample code to point at the file.


You must have a set of iBeacons to test with. For more information about iBeacons, visit https://developer.apple.com/ibeacon

iBeacon Configuration

For our sample code to work, the configuration for your iBeacons must match our own:

Access to Location Services

Kiosk Pro will request permission the first time it attempts to access your location - if this permission is denied, the app is unable to re-request access for approximately 24 hours due to iOS restrictions. It is possible to allow or restrict access to Location Services through the iOS 'Restrictions' menu, which can be checked by going to: Settings > General > Restrictions. This type of restriction can also be enabled via MDM (mobile device management) profile and Apple's Configurator app.

Kiosk Pro Settings

iBeacon Navigation Demo