Aila Scanning API: Requirements

To run successfully, this sample demo requires the following:

Kiosk Pro Enterprise, version 8.0 or later

The API calls used to connect to the Aila scanners were added in version 8.0 and are not available in earlier versions of the app.

For live projects, we highly recommend hosting the 'kiosk_functions.js' file with your own files, whether they are placed on a server or stored locally on the iPad, and checking the app's change logs before updating. The 'kiosk_functions.js' file referenced in the sample may be updated or moved without warning - if you are referencing this file directly, this would prevent your kiosks from working correctly.

Connection to a compatible Aila Scanner

iOS device must be connected to a compatible Aila scanner through the device's audio jack.

Specific Volume Settings

Since the Aila scanner communicates with the app through the audio jack, you must make sure that the volume to the headphone jack is at the maximum possible level and that the physical lock switch is not set to mute the device.

Specific Kiosk Pro Settings

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